General Consultancy - Catering, Events and Hotel Management

We Offer General Consultancy Services around core area of the Catering and Hotel Management Operations Leveraging on our Vast knowlege and experience of the Culinary and Hospitality Industry.

When do you require a culinary and Hospitality Consultant? and How can Victory Institute of Catering and Hotel Management Help you with proffering solutions?. We offer divers consultancy services which encompass and but not limited to scenarios such as setting up a restaurant, planning and Event, Event decoration, Setting up an Hotel, Setting up a culinary and hospitality business, setting up a small scale catering outfit that specialize in a specific area of business and lots more.

You can call us today or visit our main campus at 3 Toyin Street, Ikeja Lagos and we will be more than willingly to render our vast skillset and knowledge base in the catering and hotel management profession.

Do want to start a culinary or hospitality Outfit? Maybe you want to start up a restaurant or you want to be a baking and confectionery entrepreneur or you want to start any form of catering and hospitality business and don’t know how to begin. Then Visit us at Victory Institute of Catering and Hotel Management as we can provide you with the required business plan, concepts, budget and financing, business plan execution, catering business setup and management.

We also offer educational and skill consulting where we will in providing off premise training, give talks on career directions in the culinary and hospitality industry. Help you find your path in this vast profession and set you on the right path in order for you to be a successful chef, events planner, caterer, hotel manager and more

Another consulting we are very proud of our proficiency is in Hotel Management. Are you a CEO and you are looking to setup an Hotel in Nigeria? or maybe you need a team of qualified hotel managers to assist you with planning, design, concept planning, hospitality experience, customer management and more. We at Victory Institute of Catering and Hotel Management are your most reliable hands in making sure you hotel meets  star standards that your preferred budget.

You may already have a hotel and you want a revamp of both the hospitality processes, concepts as well as redesign your hotel to give it a new look and fresh appeal. Then feel free to contact us today as we can provide you with that complete and total revamp you require

So Maybe you are trying to setup that events of your dream but you need a team of highly experienced events management professionals to help you pull it off. Then Victory Institute of Catering and Hotel Management is the Ideal team to get the Job done. We are not just event planners but a team of events managers with the ability to pull off your dream party, ceremony, wedding, luncheon and more at the most convenient budget possible.

We are great with the paper work and we make sure we get it right on paper. Our Events are spot on because we know how to maximize your budget and create magic for your guest. We draw up concepts, themes and styles that would guide the ambience and atmosphere your event. Call us today and we will be more than willing to help


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