Special Programs in Catering and Hotel Management

We have made this program to be an On-demand and On-Request based program that spans for the duration of 3 - 6 Months.

Now this is the way it Works. Maybe you have some special catering and hotel management skill you would want to acquire either for personal reasons or for a career or entrepreneurial decision that you are trying to explore. We offer special programs that target certain key areas of the catering and hotel management coursework and guide you into gaining mastery on these skills

Dedicated & Focussed

In this special programs you have the luxury to pick out a single skill or set of skills that you would want to gain mastery on. For example you might be looking to explore our sugar craft program or our baking and confectionery program or our catering -Africa and Intercontinental dish program. You can choose and we will make sure you become a master in whatever choice you have made


The special program offered by Victory Institute of catering and hotel management is a highly flexible program that affords you the opportunity of deciding a lot of the program calendar, including when the program starts, the duration the program would take, how the program classes are scheduled and a lot more

Superb Payment Strategy

Now, because you are choosing what courses and skills you would want to gain mastery on, you would also be reducing the overall cost and designing your special program in a fashion that aligns with your budget.

100% Practical

We offer you a 100% Practical experience. Most of the time of your special program in catering, hotel or events management would be spend in the LAB or on field. Where we will be equipping you with all the practical knowledge you would require to become an expert within the skill set you have chosen to train on.

Program Duration

A special program in Catering and Hotel Management can span within a period of a Month, 3 Months or 6 Months

Classes Location

All classes would be conducted at Victory Institute of Catering and Hotel Management Main Campus @ No 3 Toyin Street, Ikeja Lagos Nigeria. However for special programs that requires off campus training such as home, church, organization training, kindly contact the principal for further discussions

Dates and Time

We lead a time flexible program that runs from Mondays to Saturdays within the 8am - 6pm. Call in to discuss a timeline suitable for you

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