Vision and mission

To raise industry leaders and entrepreneurs in the field of catering and hotel management.
To equip our student with cutting edge practical, theoretical and business skills required to enable them lead the catering and hotel management profession

We are driven constantly be excellence, knowledge and results. Our desire is to consistently set the pace in providing the very best catering and hotel management education to enable us raise graduates that can compete on a global scale and achieve great things in their profession.

Our passion is driven consistently to communicate and imbibe in our student our love for the catering, events and hotel management profession in such as way that we are extremely patient in taking our student from a beginner to expert level in the shortest possible time.

We are driven by our passion to raise leaders in the catering, events and hotel management profession capable of running their own businesses and competing at a global scale


At Victory Institute of Catering and Hotel Management, we focus on delivering practical knowledge in the field of catering, events and hotel management. We also engage in field works and promote internship that enables our students have a practical knowledge of the catering and hotel management profession


We make it our duty to support or students as a build a professional catering and hotel management career. We provide our student with career opportunities, off school seminal, Jobs recommendations and entrepreneurial coaching all through their career journey.


We are not static in our approach, our teachers and students invest time into finding out Food trends, new recipes, new approach, global cultural differences and how it impacts the Food and hospitality business and we imbibe these advancements into our curriculum to enable our students stay ahead at all times


The school Alumni is a great bond of partnership as we have for 30 years raised thousands of students to become expert caterers, owners of restaurants and eatries, hotel managers, excellent event planners and more. We have also made sure Alumni can consistently offer support to fresh graduating student and they too start their own career journey

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